The “spirit of sound” is at the heart of Focal Loudspeakers, from their groundbreaking Grand Utopias right down to their Bird desktop speakers. If you are looking for the best in music reproduction, the Focal Loudspeakers are well worth a listen to.
The traditional loudspeaker and the driver are the historical channels of Focal, the heart of its DNA, made of technologies, mechanics and noble materials. But that’s also an object that’s part of our everyday life. That’s why we took much care about each detail…
All our drivers and loudspeakers are made according to the same quality standards to offer the best listening solution whatever the size or price.

Focal has been one of the world leaders of the High End acoustic loudspeakers since 1979. 30 years to fight their values, to keep their production in France and to stand up for the idea of a luxury “à la française”. Innovation, tradition, be the world’s best in everything they create for your pleasure, that’s the Focal philosophy; “the Spirit of Sound“.

Scala Utopia Evo Black pair
Scala Utopia Evo Black pair (£27,999)
Focal Sopra No.2 (£9999)




Focal Kanta No.2 (£6999)

Feel free to make an appointment to come and listen to them.

Focal aria-906 

Focal Aria 906 (£899)